The 9haxbot is a simple command echo bot. It doesn't store any persistent data that can be retrieved via Discord. Since the bot still does process user data and messages, as well as saving some Debug information and command usage statistics, this website will also list important legal information.

The bot has many features that can be used through simple chat commands. The default prefix for the bot is "9!". For example: 9!help


The help command can be used to display general information about the bot and provide help with other commands.

9!help [COMMAND] - Displays more information about COMMAND.


The rick command can be used to quickly send a link to Rick Astley's hit song "Never Gonna Give You Up" into the channel it is invoked from.

9!rick - Sends the link into the current channel with an embed.


The nice command can be used to send a link to a clip of a video by popular storyteller Michael Rosen saying his catchphrase "*Click*, nice!" from his viral hit video about greatly heated sustenance, which has reached meme status.

9!nice - Sends the link into the current channel with an embed.


This command will make the bot say "BINGUS!" into the current channel. Please don't overuse the command, even to a computer program, this can be traumatic.

9!bingus - Makes the bot say "BINGUS!" in the current channel.


This command fetches a random joke from a list and sends it into the current channel.

9!comedy - Send a random joke and its number into the current channel. 9!comedy [NUMBER] - Fetch the Joke correspondig to [NUMBER] and send it into the current channel.


This command allows you to generate images with funny, custom, text.

9!bwgen [TEXT] - Generate an image with the currently selected template and place [TEXT] on it.

Information for Administrators

After cloning the git repository, install the bot dependencies into your environment using the python pip package manager.

git clone https://github.com/9hax/9haxbot
cd 9haxbot
python3 -m pip -r requirements.txt

After installing the requirements, please create a new Discord Bot Application using Discord's Developer Portal. Reset the bot tokena and create a new file with the name "token.py" within the main bot directory we just cloned using git. The File should have the following syntax:

TOKEN = "ReplaceThisTextWithYourToken"

Take some time to review the settings in "config.py" within the same directory. Consider changing the prefix, name and greeting messages. Also add your own Discord Account ID into the list of local bot administrators. This allows your Discord Account to use the Administrator Commands of the bot within a discord chat. Use 9!help admin to view all currently available administrator commands.